Huge Norwegian Forest Cat the size of a large Maine Coon

On average, the Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) is smaller than the Maine Coon but there are exceptions and this is one of them. Not all MCs are larger than NFCs. This TikTok video illustrates the point. This NFC is very classic in terms of 'type' meaning desired appearance as per the breed standard. Super appearance. Huge Norwegian Forest Cat the size of a large Maine Coon. Image: MikeB from screenshots. Here is the video. For me it is a bit irritating because of the soundtrack. Horrible for me. But the point is made about size. This is a great NFC. A classic in terms of coat: a grey tabby-and-white. It is his size which is untypical for this breed although they are one of the largest domestic cat breeds challenging the supremacy of the Maine Coon sometimes .

Norwegian Forest Cat personality

The Norwegian Forest Cat personality is to a large extent like any other cat's personality but it is said that the Norwegian Forest cat is reserved with strangers but confident and loyal with people it knows1.  It will defend its territory vigorously1. I guess that is obvious but we do tend to like to separate out breeds by character, which can be difficult. They are also considered to be suited to outdoor life. Perhaps this thought comes from its natural and long history as a farm cat in Norway. One thing for sure is that they like to climb, the higher the better and they climb fearlessly and come down the same way unlike most cats who shimmy down backwards.

Norwegian Forest cats

Photo above: Norwegian Forest cats - mother at rear and daughter at front. The daughter died in March 2007. Photo by Gunnsi

The Norwegian Forest cat personality is excellent for family life as they are not easily stressed and patient (it is said). This makes them suitable around children. I do think though that breeders tend to exaggerate breed characteristics. Personality differences between individual cats will be greater than between breeds in my opinion.

Perhaps one of the best ways to talk about this cat's personality is to refer to comments made by Norwegian Forest Cat owners/keepers to my video on my YouTube channel. You can see the video on this website:

or go to my YouTube channel and see it and other videos there:


Here are some comments made on the Norwegian Forest Cat personality. These are not taken verbatim as I do not have copyright. They are summarized and reworked but the meaning is exactly the same:

"They are the best cat breed. They are very friendly, funny and kind cats. Mine loved the snow and he liked to be cradled like a baby. He would meow for food and showed great persistence. He was a very sweet cat."

"Such beautiful cats"

"The Norwegian Forest cat prefers to be in the warm and anyway most of Norway is not covered by snow! A powerful jaw is important in the appearance of this cat breed."

"Despite being rude, biting me on my heels, destroying my leather sofa he was my favorite animal ever."

"A Norwegian Forest Cat's personality means that this cat needs to be outdoors preferably in a forest."

"These cats are not only special because of their looks, their personality is much more special."

"They are awesome!"

This is my comment about living with a half-Norwegian Forest cat:

"I still love her. I still cry for her. She was very loving and immensely athletic. She had a very quiet voice. She died in an car accident 14 years ago aged 4."

Note: a cat's personality will depend largely on how we behave. If our home is calm and loving our cat will be. We are the mother and father of our cats. They look to us for food and care and leadership on behavior.


1. Encyclopedia of the Cat by Dr Bruce Fogle

Norwegian forest cat personality to Siberian cat, a similar cat who may have similar ancestors.


  1. i belong to a norwegian forest cat he is the king of castle and owns all of us. he is moddy and makes faces like no cat i have ever had. he is loving and demanding. and i could not think of a better cat for my daughter. she has devolpmental problems and he lets herhug and hold and kiss him all day long with never a complant.

  2. Thanks for the comment. It is nice to hear that a cat can directly help a person. Cats do own us!

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  6. I recently adopted a 1 year old Norwegian Forest Cat.

    She came into our home extremely fearful and shy (due to her last owners I think) and it took a few days to get her to trust us and come out from under the bed.

    She is a completely different cat now, with a warm and lovely personality. Some traits I've noticed in her are:

    She growls when she sees strangers (we go for walks with harness and leash)
    She meows when she has enough attention (and then she'll swat at you)
    She is very active and an excellent climber (I'll often find her on the fireplace mantle or the top of the fridge)
    She eats like a pig
    Loves to play and purrs very loudly
    Does not like to be held very much, or sit/sleep on your lap

    I recommend this breed of cat to anyone who has the time and patience to play with them (at least once a day) and give them lots of attention. If you have children, make sure any animal you have is treated with respect or else it may have behaviour problems later on.

    Goodluck & great article!

    1. Hi Sasha, Thanks for a very interesting comment which adds to the page. Sorry for the 3 year delay in replying ;) .

  7. I am the proud owner, of a nearly two year old Norwegian Forest Cat Male. When I first got him, it took much persuading from my mother to allow me to get him, because we had one cat already. She was a little skeptical, because our older cat, didn't much prefer to have a kitten around, and didn't like to be bothered.

    We brought him home, from a farm, where we had no knowledge of how old he was, what breed he was, or even HOW OLD HE WAS! We brought him home, and my mom absolutely fell in love with him on the way home. We were a little afraid, of how our other cat would react, to a playfully fur ball of a kitten come bounding at her. But, Toulouse (our Norwegian Forest Cat) reacted quite well.

    He would not bother her, but when he wanted to play he would do the running, while she would lay. Now, it has been a year since our cat Missy has died. And, Toulouse is still thriving. We are considering putting him into shows, but are unsure, not because of his personality, but we are unsure, if he is even a pure bred.

    Just some thoughts! <3

  8. We were loaned a NFC as a mouser, her owners said she would be a good hunter and she is. Though very shy at first, she is also very loving and playful. She sits in my lap, on my stomach, or even on my back if I'm laying down, every chance she gets. She follows me from room to room and comes when I call her. We play ball when she's in the mood.

    She does this thing where she comes up and sits on my lap and kneads my stomach while burying her face and purring like a champ. She does this if she's on my back too, I have no idea why. I have never met a more affectionate, laid back or beautiful looking cat. Now I want a NFC. :)

  9. Our weegie, Gandie, is so handsome. He is an indoor cat and loves to look out our window on the 5th floor apartment. He actually watches the cars and trucks go by. We recued him from the SPCA and he did need to get use to us, but he is happy now. We love him, he is the new addition to the family.

  10. Our orange and white Ajax loves to sit on the balcony rail surveying his domain like the Lion King. If he wants something he's very affectionate and will head-butt you if you try to ignore him.
    After searching for cats with manes, I ran across several photos of NFCz that match him to a tee, the mane, the eyes and the shape of his head.

  11. Our NFC, Louie (or Lou-Bugs)belonged to my sister for the first year of his life. When she realized she was pregnant, she asked if I could keep him until the baby was born..i have had him now for 12 years!! I love this cat for many reasons, mostly because he is one of the most well-adjusted cats I have ever owned. He has moved cross -country (from Texas to California, and back again) and adjusts to his new setting like a champ. He his very vocal, especially when he thinks it's time to eat! He is fantastic with other animals. He has outlived 2 of my cats, been through new cat and dog introductions, and does it with grace and ease. Now we live with two male (large breed) dogs, and my crazy cat Mighty Mite, and he hangs out with all of them. He is always in the room when there are lots of people around. He allows you to hold him, but hates to be brushed! These cats are wonderful! Lou-Bugs sleeps with me, talks to me, acts as if he knows what you are saying to him, makes constant biscuits (kneading), follows me everywhere, eats (or wants to)like there's no tomorrow, and sleeps in the craziest positions! These cats are so easy going, I recommend this breed to anyone who loves a cat who can live a long life, and eases into transition with no problem. The only medical issue I have ever had with him was UTI, but keep them on good cat food (low, or no ash content) and they're fine!

    1. Our Hammy, is a " Gentle Giant". Very friendly, playfull and a bit nuts. Gets along with the dog fine except when Hammy is tring to steal the dogs food. He has quite the appetite. When he's inside you can find him on top of the cabinets above the fridge and for such a large cat he usually has a wimpy meow (most of the time). Hammy also loves his friend cat Lucy. He's usually very gentle and quiet but does defend his outside territory fiercely and even though Lucy and him get along well if she annoys him (she's very high strung) he will let her know. Another fact is he's nearly fearless and has starred down dogs and several foxes. I've never seen a cat strut around more sure of himself. My favorite thing though is that he'll curl right next to you and just purr and purr...

  12. We have two NFC's that are now just a year old. The Flintstones "Fred & Barney".
    They are full of energy and have just been allowed out into the wider world. We put off redecorating the house until now and just as well ! The wallpaper in a few places was preferred to the numerous scratching posts purchased and the curtains in places have some tiny holes that let light in where they should not.
    Our fault probably for not letting them out earlier as their energy was beginning to grow. They are very loving and love rolling over for a tummy rub and do snuggle up on the sofa of an evening for a cuddle.
    That said they are quite territorial outside and their first efforts at spitting and hissing at another cat that entered the garden was very funny. The older bigger cat looked bemused and walked off looking quite disinterested at these two little fella's trying to strut and look big ! They are growing at a very rapid rate and now seem as big if not bigger than the neighbouring cats. They are good hunters and I nearly had a heart attack when looking down one day to find "Fred " had bought Daddy a dead mouse ! Years if fun to come I think.

  13. I must say I am very envious of you because this is one of my favourite cat breeds and they are very popular with the general public being in the top 10 or 15 most popular cat breeds in the world. I'm sure you will have many hours of fun and happiness with Fred and Barney.

  14. My NFC Cosmo is the greatest. We got him as a stray. He literally walked in and took over. Our other cat Jasmine (Egyptian Mau) was 21 and let him stay. She died a year later, and I know she was looking out for us in letting him stay. We named him after Cosmo Kramer, as he was a huge mooch. He is so loving and stray. A bit rude at times, but very loving and needy to. He is so soft, and has the most beautiful emerald eyes. We've had great cats before (Jasmine, Sage a Main Coone, and Chervil, a beautiful American shorthair) but Cosmo is the ultimate. I love him dearly.

    1. Wow, he sounds superb. A special cat. I can just visualise him. Imposing I should think. You couldn't miss him.

  15. Sunshine is a three year old Wegie she weighs about 16 lbs and is incredibly long. All our cats are saves she and Salem an elegant tiny 6lb were adopted at 3 months together. It took us 2 months of gentling to have them join the other 4 cats and 2 dogs with supreme confidence. Sunshine is an incredible love she jumps onto any and all ledges probably almost 4 feet the highest. She is gold white gray and black patches with a huge white ruff and pantaloons. Her face is divided into all colors at modern art angles. Five of the cats sleep with us Salem opts for under the bed, She is gentle like our MaineCoon/Persian mix. She loves to be groomed and squished and to jump into an empty jacuzzi and play with running or dripping water.
    She sheds out about March and there is silk strands everywhere-around August she starts growing her winter coat-her tail expands to 3 times its width.
    An incredible sweet loving cat...not vocal at all unlike the Maine Coon/Persian who talks constantly and climbs my leg to be picked up.
    She is the most fastidious of all the cats about her grooming and litter box manners. We adore her and will always have at least one in our home.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Sorry for being very slow to publish it. Lovely comment and most welcome.

  16. Our NFC is an 8 years old blue silver tabby neutered male. He is the best pet ever. He is incredibly gentle and friendly (including with the vet). He is not a lap cat, but is otherwise very cuddly: in the winter he sleeps under the covers, in my stomach curl. He is playful and energetic, but takes long naps, always next to a family member. He purrs a LOT, and has a beautiful, sweet voice, not your typical cat voice, and is not very vocal. He does communicate effectively though: when he is sick (which does not often happen), he urinates in front of my bedroom door each morning, until I take him to the vet. Once he has been to the vet, he stops. While he does not require too much attention, he really is miserable when alone. He is not easily stressed, but being left alone overnight makes him very sad and agitated, so we prefer to take him with us whenever possible, even for a weekend. At home he is confined in a large apartment, and seems very content, but we do have a summer house with a garden. The fence is low and any cat can jump over it, but he simply won’t do it. He doesn’t seem to have the desire to venture outside of his territory. In the garden he hunts lizards, mice and little birds, and it’s so funny to see our loving, purring pet turning into a wild predator. Both my husband and I always had cats, but this one truly is special. He has been super patient with our kids when they were younger, and did all sort of things with him, including pushing him in a doll’s stroller, and he loves them dearly now that they are adolescents: he always sleeps on their desk while they do their homework. My conclusion is: all cats are great, but wedgies are greater.

    1. Thanks for commenting and sorry for being slow to publish your comment.

  17. My Cat Jake likes to lay on the bed he does not like to be brushed or held but likes to be peted and he likes to drink out of the sink he is almost 6 years old. His bite is hard to I have had cats all my life.Jakeis a cat that likes to be left alone.

    1. Thanks Steve for sharing your thoughts about the NFC's personality. Sorry for the long delay in publishing your comment.


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