Huge Norwegian Forest Cat the size of a large Maine Coon

On average, the Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) is smaller than the Maine Coon but there are exceptions and this is one of them. Not all MCs are larger than NFCs. This TikTok video illustrates the point. This NFC is very classic in terms of 'type' meaning desired appearance as per the breed standard. Super appearance. Huge Norwegian Forest Cat the size of a large Maine Coon. Image: MikeB from screenshots. Here is the video. For me it is a bit irritating because of the soundtrack. Horrible for me. But the point is made about size. This is a great NFC. A classic in terms of coat: a grey tabby-and-white. It is his size which is untypical for this breed although they are one of the largest domestic cat breeds challenging the supremacy of the Maine Coon sometimes .

Brown Norwegian Forest Cat

Have you seen a more distinguished cat that this glorious Norwegian Forest cat:

The statuesque Norwegian Forest cat. Photo by KouK's

I don't know much about this cat except what I see and what I see is stunning. The presence, the colour and the ruff.

Perhaps this cat was or is a champion I don't know. Perhaps this cat's human companion will pop by and tell us all about him - I think he is a him.



  1. Lovely blog...
    Beautiful pictures.
    I have had a Norwegian (Tiger&white). But he is in Istanbul with my sister.
    Getting old and old. It was impossible for him to travel..

    1. It has been a long time but thanks. I'd have loved to have seen the NFC that you refer to.

  2. Is there a cat with short fur that has this same fur pattern? I love how the fur looks in its back.


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