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Six Norwegian Forest Cat Kittens

Here is another one of Helmi Flick's fine cat photographs. The photograph is if a litter of six Norwegian Forest Cat Kittens, from the ForestKatz Cattery . They were photographed at Helmi Flick's studio which is at her home in Bedford, Dallas. The set up at her home is permanent and very similar to the mobile set up that she uses when travelling to cat shows. Photo is copyright Helmi Flick - please respect copyright You can see how this photo is carefully wrangled by Ken Flick. Just out of frame Ken is working pretty hard and fast to get these kittens together and looking the cat tease. I would expect the cattery owner or a representative to assist too. It takes a lot to get six kittens together in the correct positions and all working in harmony! The picture below shows the travelling table/platform set up (see cat photography with Ken and Helmi Flick :

Norwegian Forest Cat Sparky

Here is a very beautiful - a special sort of old fashioned beauty (for me) -  female Norwegian Forest cat whose name is Sparky. Personally (and this is not a criticism) I am not sure that the name Sparky is that good for this cat. I would prefer something more old fashioned and female. The photograph is by alexanderino (Flickr photographer) and I love this photograph. It has an old fashioned feel to it to match this very natural looking purebred cat. The photographer is very much in tune with this cat. NFCs are popular, just outside the top ten most popular cat breeds on my reckoning. So what of the Sparky? I think that she is a dilute tabby and white cat . The white is caused by the presence of the piebald gene or white spotting gene . I think Norwegian Forest cats look best in this pattern. The photographer recounts a lovely tender story of their meeting, when shy Sparky immediately felt at ease with the photographer, which was unusual. These t

Norwegian Forest Cat Rescue

I would like to refer to one service concerning Norwegian Forest Cat rescue or perhaps a better term is rehoming. ( see lots more on NFC rescue here ). The Norwegian Forest Cat Club in the UK provide a welfare service. This is a service that is managed by the club's welfare officer whose role it is to place unwanted cats (for whatever reason and some reasons are good or acceptable reasons) with new homes. You cannot expect a procession of NFCs from this service as the supply, for obvious reasons, is unpredictable but it is certainly worth a try if you are thinking of adopting an NFC. In fact it should be the first port of call in a search in the UK. Take a look at this page:

Norwegian Forest Cat Charming Kitten

Well, this is pure charm. This little charmer is a brown tabby and white NFC looking all perky and pesky: The picture comes from Flickr. The best source of creative commons photographs in my view. But please always give credits and links to the author's page or the original Flickr page: Photo by sakuraquiet  Link to original page

Norwegian Forest Cat running down a tree head first

Here is a great Wikimedia Commons photo of an NFC running down a vertical tree head first. How can they do that? As the claws face backwards there can be little grip to slow down the descent. However, the claws must be used and the little gained must be enough to slow the descent sufficiently to make it manageable. This is what the NFC is famed for. Mine could do the same and I watched so this is no fake. Photo: Original uploader was Guni Abel at de.wikipedia

Share Your Norwegian Forest Cat Experiences

If you have any experiences or a Norwegian Forest Cat, I would love to hear from you. In fact, I would love to hear from you even if you just have opinions or ideas or stories - the possibilities are almost endless. So if you would like to share, please click on the link below and you will be taken to a form, which is easy to fill in and a photo can be uploaded too. The form is on the main Pictures of cats org website and your post will be seen by many of the visitors to the site. It is a great way to get heard if you want to! The post is also sent out on an RSS feed to spread the word. These feeds are picked up by services such as Google Alerts etc. The link: Share Your Experiences

Norwegian Forest Cat at a cat show

Photo: Flickr. Sorry I have lost the photographer's name. Well, this is an ordinary looking photo in terms of artistic excellence and interest but it is nonetheless interesting in terms of the calmness of this show cat amid the hustle, bustle and noise of a cat show. This is obviously a seasoned show cat as is the breeder! You can see on the board behind him that he has said that he has been in the business of breeding and showing cats for 30 years. He knows NFCs. When I have been at cat shows I have found some cats to be incredibly calm and accepting. Nothing phases them. But I have seen some stressed cats who dive into the cover of their blankets in their cages, which are dressed up like little furnished rooms. Some cats breeds, though, are more placid anyway. One is the British Shorthair . The NFC as far as I remember is also a pretty laid back cat. There will be differences from cat to cat too, of course. This cat seems to be a brown tabby and white Norwegian Forest cat