Huge Norwegian Forest Cat the size of a large Maine Coon

On average, the Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) is smaller than the Maine Coon but there are exceptions and this is one of them. Not all MCs are larger than NFCs. This TikTok video illustrates the point. This NFC is very classic in terms of 'type' meaning desired appearance as per the breed standard. Super appearance. Huge Norwegian Forest Cat the size of a large Maine Coon. Image: MikeB from screenshots. Here is the video. For me it is a bit irritating because of the soundtrack. Horrible for me. But the point is made about size. This is a great NFC. A classic in terms of coat: a grey tabby-and-white. It is his size which is untypical for this breed although they are one of the largest domestic cat breeds challenging the supremacy of the Maine Coon sometimes .

Norwegian Forest Cat Sparky

Here is a very beautiful - a special sort of old fashioned beauty (for me) -  female Norwegian Forest cat whose name is Sparky. Personally (and this is not a criticism) I am not sure that the name Sparky is that good for this cat. I would prefer something more old fashioned and female.

The photograph is by alexanderino (Flickr photographer) and I love this photograph. It has an old fashioned feel to it to match this very natural looking purebred cat. The photographer is very much in tune with this cat. NFCs are popular, just outside the top ten most popular cat breeds on my reckoning.

So what of the Sparky? I think that she is a dilute tabby and white cat. The white is caused by the presence of the piebald gene or white spotting gene. I think Norwegian Forest cats look best in this pattern.

The photographer recounts a lovely tender story of their meeting, when shy Sparky immediately felt at ease with the photographer, which was unusual. These two were made for each other. You can read the story here.

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