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Hypoallergenic Norwegian Forest Cat

This is a story in the online press about a stray Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) that is hypoallergenic to the person who rescued or rehomed her. I have never heard that the NFC is hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic means less likely to cause an allergic reaction in people. The cat breed that is often claimed to be hypoallergenic is the Siberian, which, interestingly is cousin of the NFC. Well their ancestry could be similar, put it that way. In this story Dwayne and his wife adopted Kitty a black and white NFC. She strayed from a neighbours house and stayed. And the neighbours don't mind! I find that odd. Clearly the former "owners" were not great cat caretakers. They couldn't be. Anyway, Kitty and Dwayne are made for each other. Sadly she has Feline Leukemia, which is a killer. She is not an old cat either. I just liked this story . It is very positive and I am sure Dwayne's life and Kitty's life were improved by their relationship. That is the way it shoul