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Comparison Between Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat

Some people search for information about the difference between the Maine Coon (MC) and Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC). In fact, it is a fairly common topic of conversation because in general they do look similar and have a similar "public image". In other words, I think that the general public think of them as similar cat breeds. They are, as they may have the same heritage. To me there are certain differences in the appearance and I thought I would just focus on certain aspects of the anatomy! I make a comparison with the CFA breed standards for these two popular breeds of domestic cat. The Maine Coon is probably a better-known cat. Comparison between Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat Photos copyright Helmi Flick Muzzle - I think this is where one of the biggest differences is apparent. The Maine Coon has "a squareness to the muzzle"..."visibly square". While the NFC breed standard says, "part of the straight line extending toward the bas