Huge Norwegian Forest Cat the size of a large Maine Coon

On average, the Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) is smaller than the Maine Coon but there are exceptions and this is one of them. Not all MCs are larger than NFCs. This TikTok video illustrates the point. This NFC is very classic in terms of 'type' meaning desired appearance as per the breed standard. Super appearance. Huge Norwegian Forest Cat the size of a large Maine Coon. Image: MikeB from screenshots. Here is the video. For me it is a bit irritating because of the soundtrack. Horrible for me. But the point is made about size. This is a great NFC. A classic in terms of coat: a grey tabby-and-white. It is his size which is untypical for this breed although they are one of the largest domestic cat breeds challenging the supremacy of the Maine Coon sometimes .

Norwegian Forest Cat Clubs

Here is a list of Norwegian Forest Cat clubs and I have thrown in a Yahoo Group as well. Yahoo Groups are a bit like online clubs.

Norwegian Forest Cat Club - UK based. It was created in 1987 when the first NFC's were imported from Scandinavia. It is affiliated the GCCF, the premier cat association in the UK. They have a nice welfare section (rehoming) and their own cat show. They have a Facebook page as well.

Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Club - Appears to be USA based although the site is unclear. Not a great site, sorry.

The Danish Norwegian Forest Cat Club - In Danish. I'll leave you to translate using Google Translate.

Skogkatt · "Mailing list for Norwegian Forest Cats" is the description. Looks to be reasonably active at date of this post. This is a Yahoo group.

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