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Amber Norwegian Forest Cat

It was thought that the amber Norwegian Forest Cat was unique amongst all the cat breeds. I am not sure if that is still the case. In other words, the yellow coat color caused by the presence of a recessive gene (which used to be called "X-Colour"), was apparently not seen in other cat breeds. This is a yellow recessive mutation (symbol e ). Scientific work published in August 2009 indicates that the amber coat color in the Norwegian Forest Cat is " caused by a single MC1R allele called e , which has never been documented ". I have quoted that verbatim in the interests of accuracy. The work was carried out by M. Peterschmitt et al - see link to scientific journal . Below I publish two photographs from the Crystalfjord Cattery . I have requested permission to publish one or two of their photographs without a response so do so here while providing a link to their cattery website in exchange. If that is unsatisfactory, please contact me here . Dorian - pictur