Tabby and White Norwegian Forest Cat - Venus

This is Venus. Venus is a classic tabby and white Norwegian Forest Cat. She was photographed by the celebrated cat photographer Helmi Flick. Venus was photographed in America quite possibly at a cat show. Nearly all the purebred cats that Helmi photographs are show cats, in competition at cat shows, and they are photographed in a studio setup for the occasion in a room adjacent to the auditorium where the cat show is taking place.

The majority of pedigree cats that are photographed are very well-behaved in front of the camera. They are generally compliant possibly because they are very used to traveling, being handled and being shown in cat shows where there is quite a lot of noise and activity.

I've heard it said that sometimes breeders give their cat a tranquillizer for a cat show. I have also heard it said that a pedigree, purebred show cat can become a bit tired of the demands of being a show cat in which case the breeder may decide to stop.


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