Huge Norwegian Forest Cat the size of a large Maine Coon

On average, the Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) is smaller than the Maine Coon but there are exceptions and this is one of them. Not all MCs are larger than NFCs. This TikTok video illustrates the point. This NFC is very classic in terms of 'type' meaning desired appearance as per the breed standard. Super appearance. Huge Norwegian Forest Cat the size of a large Maine Coon. Image: MikeB from screenshots. Here is the video. For me it is a bit irritating because of the soundtrack. Horrible for me. But the point is made about size. This is a great NFC. A classic in terms of coat: a grey tabby-and-white. It is his size which is untypical for this breed although they are one of the largest domestic cat breeds challenging the supremacy of the Maine Coon sometimes .

Norwegian Forest cat in a snowy forest

This is a stunning Norwegian Forest cat. She is a brown tabby-and-white which is perfect for the forest. The white fur looks like the snow and the brown mirrors the tree trunks. For me the feature which distinguishes the NFC from the Maine Coon and the Siberian is the muzzle. It is quite triagular and pointed in the NFC compared to the other two breeds. This is why the nickname for this breed is "Wegi" or "Wegie" i.e. a wedge shaped muzzle.

If you go to Norway today you'll see the genuine article in homes. They'll be moggies and longhaired. It is just that in about 1930 Norwegians became interested in planned breeding so the breed was recreated as it was first created in 1912 with the first named NFC a male called Gabriel Scott Solvfaks. There was a quite spell between 1912 and 1930 when the breed was dormant. The bottom line is that the breeders got involved in the 1930s and line breeding began in earnest. This would have refined the moggies in the breeding program to the kind of beauty you see in this picture. See Norwegian Forest cat family.

You can read much more on this popular breed by clicking on this link.


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