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Do Norwegian Forest Cats shed a lot?

No, Norwegian Forest Cats do not shed a lot. Or, to put it another way, they don't shed hair faster or more furiously than other domestic cats! All domestic cat shed hair even the hairless cats shed some hair because they are partly covered with very fine down hair fibres. Although of course they will shed a lot less! Norwegian Forest Cat from Winterfyre Norwegian Forest Cats. The fact of the matter is, the purebred cats, although they look very fancy and special, in terms of their anatomy and behaviour they are very ordinary or typical. Selective breeding which creates these fancy purebred cats does not touch up or have any impact upon nearly all the basic elements of the domestic cat. Selective breeding only changes the appearance of the cats slightly over time and sometimes it fixes a certain behaviour but only to a certain extent. All the other basic functions of a domestic cat remain the same. Please don't think otherwise. This breed of cat has a medium-longhaired coat

Majestic Norwegian Forest Cat perched on a tree stump

Is the color of this stupendous cat real? It does not look it. I don't think it can be real. Cat coats just don't come in this color unless some breeder has achieved something weird and wonderful. Nice picture though and being in the forest is a nice touch. Majestic Norwegian Forest Cat perched on a tree stump. Pic: Imgur The cat is a bicolor: ginger/red-and-white. The ruff is correct for the breed. They call them 'bibs' for the Norwegian. 

Beautiful Aslan Norwegian Forest Cat

He is magnificent especially when outdoors in a forest. The forest backdrop clinches it for me. Such a beautiful cat. The Norwegian Forest Cat (aka NFC - easier to type) look similar to the Maine Coon . Aslan has a ruff (called a 'bib' in the breed CFA breed standard) like a Maine Coon but his ears don't have the classic tufts of hair at the tips (lynx-tipped ears) and the muzzle is more pointed. The square muzzle of the Maine Coon is an identifier for that cat breed.  Aslan, a tabby-and-white Norwegian Forest Cat in the right setting - a forest. Photo: Pinterest. The breed standard of the NFC states that the head should be an 'equilateral triangle where all sides are of equal length as measured from the outside of the base of the ear to the point of the chin'. Yes a triangular face. The muzzle should be 'part of the straight line'. You probably know this: the NFC was a standard but beautiful moggy in Norway until breeders thought they'd create a new