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Norwegian Forest Cat - focusing on the muzzle

 This Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) looks like he is on top of a cat enclosure fence. Look at the overhanging grill. That's a classic cat enclosure fence but he is on the outside!  Norwegian Forest Cat. Photo: Reddit. Is it a cat enclosure and did he escape it? Possible. Perhaps the owner decided that he looked so good after escaping his 'prison' that they decided to take a nice photo and it is a damned good one. The cat looks very similar to the Maine Coon. And they are similar. Hell, he could be a Maine Coon! For me the biggest difference is in the muzzle. The MC's muzzle is quite square compared to the NFC's. This cat's muzzle is between the two perhaps. It is totally inline with the breed standard I'd argue. The photos below compare this aspect of the NFC appearance to that of the MC. Norwegian Forest Cat face compared to Maine Coon's. Image: CFA breed standard page. For a NFC show cat the appearance of the muzzle is worth 10 points. There is that no