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Huge Norwegian Forest Cat from itsy-bitsy kitten

Norwegian Forest Cats are known to be substantial or larger than the average domestic cat. However, this individual is larger than the average Norwegian Forest Cat. And, as normal, he started off as a tiny, cute kitten.  RELATED: Cat body types . I suppose, sometimes, the adopters of small kittens are not prepared for it. They sort of keep growing and they don't know when they're going to stop.  NFC muzzle is more pointed than for the Maine Coon. Image: MikeB The big difference between the Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) and the more popular Maine Coon is the shape of the muzzle. The NFC muzzle is triangular whereas the Maine Coon muzzle is box-like. It's quite noticeable and if you want to distinguish between the two breeds first look at their muzzle.  Very big 18-pound NFC. Screenshot from above video. Then you should look at their ears. The Maine Coon ears are bigger and sit more erect on the head with long hairs protruding from the tip of the ear flaps (lynx-tipped).  RELATE