Cat show judge awards 3rd best cat at show and talks about the Norwegian Forest Cat

This is a nice little video for those who want to get a feel for cat shows and how judges assess Norwegian Forest Cats (NFCs) for awards. He is lecturing visitors to the show who are sitting around the judge's bench where the cats are assessed. The video is from TikToker bengal_lily.

Judge points out that the head should be an equilateral triangle
Judge points out that the head should be an equilateral triangle. Screenshot.

He talks about the size and body shape of the NFC. He mentions that the breed is not cobby like the Persian or Himalayan (pointed Persian) but long in body conformation but not as long as the Maine Coon. He also mentions a major aspect of the NFC's anatomy, the equilateral triangle-shaped head! That comes up a lot and it is one major element which distinguishes the NFC from the Maine Coon which has a heavier and far squarer muzzle.

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