Most frequent cancerous tumours for the Norwegian Forest Cat

This is a 10-year retrospective study on the most frequent cancerous tumours suffered by a range of cat breeds. I am going to focus on the Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) as this is a website for that breed of cat.

Norwegian Forest cat kitten
Norwegian Forest cat kitten. Photo: Helmi Flick

By a 10-year retrospective study I am going to presume that this means they looked at previous studies over a 10-year period and came up with the following information regarding the NFC.

To quote, "The Norwegian Forest Cat had 35.7% (n=10) epithelial and melanocytic tumours of the skin and soft tissues and 28.6% (n=8) mesenchymal tumours of the skin and soft tissues."

This means that of the Norwegian Forest Cats that they studied, 35.7% of them, which amounted to 10 individual cats, suffered from epithelial and melanocytic tumours. The word "epithelial" means the top layer of the skin and the word "melanocytic" means those cells in the skin which produce pigment in the hair. The word "mesenchymal" means, as I understand it, multipotent stem cells in the bone marrow. They are important for repairing skeletal tissues like cartilage.

So, from this study we can conclude that the most likely cancer that the Norwegian Forest Cat will suffer from will be skin cancer of two different kinds. That is my interpretation.

By comparison, the Persian cat most often suffered from tumours of the mammary gland at 42.4% of the cats studied which represented 66 individual cats. The next most common cancer for Persian cats is epithelial and melanocytic tumours of the skin at 18.4% or 28 individual cats in the study.

I believe that the study was published in 2019. They don't say or speculate the cause of these cancers. I wonder is some of these tumours were caused by vaccinations. Just a guess. The incidence of cancer from vaccines is at its worst 1:1000 apparently (Wikipedia).


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